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The Tug Doris Moran

The history of Moran Towing dates back to 1860 when Michael Moran established Moran towing in the Port of New York. Michael Moran's original one-half interest in a tugboat rapidly grew into a fleet of tugboats in New York Harbor. Moran has maintained a continuous presence as one of the largest tug-boat operators in the United States for at least the last 140 years. The company's "White M" logo on its tugboat stacks has been a fixture in and around New York harbor and is recognized worldwide.

During Moran's first 75 years, the company grew along with the overall growth in the port of New York, rarely branching out farther than the upper reaches of the Hudson RIver or New York Barge Canal system. World War II was a significant turning point for the company and initiated a period of rapid growth and geographic expansion. During the war, Moran operated over 100 tugs (both Moran and Government owned). Additionally, Moran's then President, Rear Admiral Edmund J. Moran, U.S.N.R, played an important high profile role in the U.S. Government's overall war effort, lending his expertise in marine towing and logistics to a variety of governmental bodies and missions. Moran's role in the invasion of Normandy included a massive fleet of tugs which placed the artificial harbors on the beaches, an operation which was critical to the successful Allied invasion of Europe.

Following the war, Moran maintained the large fleet it had built up for the war effort and made a number of decisions that significantly enhanced its position and provided the platform for its future growth. Moran was one of the first companies to embrace diesel propulsion and also played an active role in the expansion and consolidation of the harbor tug history. Moran's early acquisitions were centered in New York Harbor, but in subsequently years the company grew to its current position of owning operating companies from New Hampshire to Texas.

Thirty years ago, Moran began to expand its presence in the marine transportation segment of the industry with an ongoing program of tug-barge unit construction and acquisition. The current barge fleet services utilities, municipalities and commercial customers carrying petroleum products, grains, fertilizers, scrap, steel products and heavy lift cargoes. In recent years, Moran has gained the distinction of being the principal offshore contract towing company on the East Coast of the United States.

Tugs from our various subsidiaries have towed a multitude of commercial and military ships, spent nuclear fuel aboard barges, commercial container barges on regular schedules, LNG spheres, oil rigs, oil barges, bridge sections, drydock sections and have supported various cable-laying operations and performed many rescue-tows.

In 1994, Moran was sold to entities owned and managed by Paul R. Tregurtha and Mr. James R. Barker. These two individuals have a long and notable history in the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine Industry. As a result of the 1994 acquisition, Moran is now part of a larger group of established marine transportation companies controlled by Mr. Tregurtha and Mr. Baker. Mr. Tregurtha is actively involved in Moran as its Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, and relies on a strong management team at Moran. Moran continues to operate as a separate entity but now also has the ability to draw on a broad range of expertise, talent and resources from its affiliates which are involved in all segments of the marine industry. This group of affiliates is comprised of four primary operating companies: Moran Towing, The Interlake Steamship Company & Lakes Shipping Company, Mormac Marine Transport and Meridian Aggregates.

In 1999, Moran continued it's growth by completing a merger with Turecamo Maritime, Inc. and several other Turecamo affiliated companies. This event further solidified Moran's position as a leader in the Tug and Barge Industry.

Today, the company maintains three major lines of business: Shipdocking, Contract Towing and Marine Transportation, and operates in 13 ports with an extensive fleet of tugs and barges.

As Moran approaches its 150th year anniversary, it is the largest supplier of tug service in its areas of concentration and plays a significant role in the marine transportation market on both the U.S. East Coast and U.S. Gulf. The company continues to be driven by its founder's motto: "The Best in the Business." Moran's motto is reflected in its dedication to quality service for all its customers, using cost effective innovative programs to resolve customer's requirements.

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