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Moran's tug fleet is a powerful one. Combined our tugs total over 275,00 hp.

A list of our Tug Fleet appears to the right. It included each tug's horsepower and its home port. Also indicated are twin screw driven tugs as well as Mortrac Tugs.

We have a tug for most any application.

 S Single Screw  T Twin Screw  M Mortrac® TE Twin Engine, Single Screw
TZ Twin Screw Z-Drive TP Twin Screw Pushboat  
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
 S  Eugenia Morgan3,165 HP
 S  Fells Point2,400 HP
 S  E. F. Moran1,750 HP

Port of New York, New Jersey
 T  Barney Turecamo5,600 HP
 T  Scott Turecamo5,600 HP
 T  Heide Moran4,700 HP
 T  Sheila Moran4,700 HP
 T  Jean Turecamo4,700 HP
 T  Jennifer Turecamo4,700 HP
 T  Brendan Turecamo4,290 HP
 T  Valentine Moran4,290 HP
 T  Mary Turecamo4,290 HP
 T  Joan Turecamo4,290 HP
 T  Amy Moran3,300 HP
 T  Judy Moran3,300 HP
 T  Miriam Moran3,300 HP
 T  Margaret Moran3,300 HP
 T  Turecamo Boys3,200 HP
 T  Catherine Turecamo3,200 HP
 T  Betty Jean Turecamo3,200 HP
 T  Kimberly Turecamo3,000 HP
 T  Marie J. Turecamo2,250 HP
 T  Turecamo Girls2,200 HP
 S  Maureen Moran2,150 HP
 S  Diana L. Moran1,750 HP
 S  Eugene F. Moran1,750 HP
 S  Cedar Point1,750 HP
 S  Nancy Moran1,750 HP
 T  James Turecamo1,700 HP
 T  Kathleen Turecamo1,700 HP
 S  Frances Turecamo1,640 HP

Charleston, South Carolina
TZ Elizabeth Turecamo6,100 HP
 T  Michael Turecamo3,000 HP
 T  Mary M.Coppedge3,200 HP
 S  Christopher Turecamo3,000 HP
 S  Tug McGraw1,800 HP
 S  Margaret Turecamo1,800 HP
TP Kristi Reinauer1,200 HP

Savannah, Georgia
 T  Greg Turecamo4,290 HP
 S  Robert Turecamo3,000 HP
 S  Philip Turecamo3,000 HP
 S  Cynthia Turecamo3,000 HP
 S  Devon1,800 HP
 S  Moira Moran2,150 HP
Fernandina, Florida
 S  David Turecamo1,900 HP

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 S  Grace Moran3,165 HP
 T  John Turecamo3,000 HP
 T  Bart Turecamo3,200 HP
 M  Sewells Point3,005 HP
 S  Kings Point2,400 HP
 S  Cynthia Moran1,750 HP
 S  Swan Point1,750 HP

Baltimore, Maryland
 T  Cape Romain3,300 HP
 M  Harriet Moran3,005 HP
 S  Hawkins Point1,750 HP
 S  Georgia Moran1,750 HP

Hampton Roads, Virginia
 T  Marion Moran5,000 HP
 T  Cape Cod4,290 HP
 T  Cape Hatteras4,290 HP
 T  Cape Henry4,290 HP
TZ Z - One4,000 HP
TZ Marci Moran4,000 HP
TZ Patricia Moran4,000 HP
TZ Kerry Moran4,000 HP
TZ Karen Moran4,000 HP
TZ Susan Moran4,000 HP
TZ Tracy Moran4,000 HP
 T  Cape Charles3,300 HP
 M  Drum Point3,005 HP
 M  Town Point3,005 HP
 S  Cavalier2,400 HP
 S  Carly Turecamo2,400 HP

Jacksonville, Florida
 T  Cathleen E. Moran3,500 HP
 T  Cape Henlopen3,300 HP
 T  Helen D. Coppedge2,850 HP
TP Sarah Moran1,000 HP
TP Alexandra Moran1,000 HP
TP Tillie Moran1,000 HP
TP Jancie Moran1,000 HP

Brunswick, Georgia
 S  Vincent Turecamo2,400 HP
 T  Mary Loy2,400 HP

Miami, Florida
 T  Dorothy Moran3,300 HP
 T  Peter G. Turecamo2,800 HP

Beaumont, Orange
Port Arthur, Texas
TE April Moran6,490 HP
 T  Doris Moran5,000 HP
 T  Joan Moran4,800 HP
 T  Alice Moran4,800 HP
 T  Cape Ann4,800 HP
 T  Helen Moran3,500 HP
 T  Mary Moran3,300 HP
 T  Cape May3,300 HP
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