Ahh, the price of progress…
Let’s travel back in time. Not millennia, just 7-8 years ago. Remember how much you liked jazz? Okay. Were not talking the musical kind. Get the hint? We thought not. We are referring to Iomega’s Jaz drive technology. The little hard drive with the big door. In this door went a Jaz drive cartridge, at the time a revolutionary transportable 1 GB drive, swappable. You could have a bunch of these and mount them as needed to your heat’s content. Cool, huh? Of course. Well, it used to be.

Let’s travel to today.  As computing power increases exponentially, new technology becomes older faster…
…and valueless faster, perhaps exponentially as well.  Let’s take a look.

We just purchased a 4 TB hard drive off Amazon for $149 bucks. (that’s a lot of photos…)

Back to memory lane ~ what if we had that much space in invested Jaz drives?
Do the math:
Each 1 GB Jaz drive…………$100.00
x 4000 GB, or 4 TB

Iomega 1 GB Jaz drives: land-fill