Donut Delight : Promoting Good Foodies

2007 – present

Liquid assets.
Donut Delight taps into our intuitive style of packaging — companies.

From “day one” (since 2007) we’ve been packaging the company, their coffees and their donuts, into a palatable mix of messages and messaging.

“Online and off” we always say. Kill some trees and kill some time. Trees produce pulp to cup. bag, box…  The right online marketing increases the amount of time customers engage with us – online.

Recent concept: brown baggin’ it.
Introducing our “brown-bag”, i.e. craft paper-style look. Donut Delight’s packaging is adopting/sporting a 1-color (simplified) Donut Delight logo — also being extended to all/most Donut Delight marketing (at least for the time being).