Safestart : Promoting Safer Working & Living

2010 – present

Clients for 25+ years
Jon Russell – producer to the stars – Sting, Roy Orbison, The Eagles, the list goes on.

And a true innovator.

Safestart Systems gets the word out – with our help – to promote safer working and living conditions when electronic components are in-use. Think that’s uncommon?

For starters, Safestart’s SafetyGate™ Professional model Meets OSHA, NFPA and CSA Standards for Restart Protection.

The revolutionary SafetyGate™ Commercial is the new high-current model in SafetyGate’s line of simple, low cost restart prevention products. The patented SafetyGate circuitry recognizes when your machine’s power switch is left “on” after a power outage, breaker trip or accidental unplugging and puts up a protective “Gate,” stopping the flow of electricity. Bright yellow LED indicators lets users know the SafetyGate is in “protect mode.” To reset, simply turn a machine’s power switch to off.

We created numerous brand IDs, marketing plans, marketing and advertising material, storyboards, packaging and promotions for Safestart Systems over several years, i.e. from the getgo – including managing their online store. We of course meet regularly to enhance and match the company’s innovative tendencies.