Make a better impression


Limit your signature to 3 or 4 lines e.g.
Phone number

Vertical pipes:
Consider vertical separators to look like this:
Name | Title | Email

Make sure your destination URLS are hyperlinks

Maybe add:
LinkedIn URL

Maybe add:
A call-to-action e.g. “Schedule Demo”

Establish email tracking to measure the interaction

Include 1 image such as your logo – not too large; it may be blocked my email filters, i.e. defeating the purpose

Add color for more impact and professionalism; use colors for your brand standards manual

Optional: add a disclaimer – regarding intended recipient, etc.

Test on mobile – you may have to readjust… be prepared.

Best tool to help: MS Outlook

Experiment with different signatures and you’ll land on the one or 2 that are a best-fit.

Use your company tagline; don’t have one? Call us.

Keep it professional.

Improve over time – Rome was not built in a day!


Signature-heavy is a no-go:
Too many offerings may confuse the reader and/or not impress them.

Don’t add your email address.  Avoid redundancies.

Anything less than 100% correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is a dead giveaway!

Don’t use large images, and no more than 2

Don’t make your company out to be significantly larger that you are

Don’t be complicated.