Active Projects

Greyskye Branding & Marketing In Current Development

(partial listing)

new show booth for aerospace firm (CT)

business coaching firm (NY)

coffee beverage chain (CT)

e-commerce company (NYC)

point-of-purchase firm (NYC)

financial brokerage firm (NYC)

group medical practices (NY)

insurance firm (NYC)

medical billing company (NYC)

merchant services company (TX)

national electronic components firm (CT)

public relations firm (NY)

software development company (CO)

sports marketing firm (CA)

* * *

Greyskye Electronic Projects In Current Development
(partial listing)

award-winning aircraft parts manufacturer (CT)

business management company (NY)

computer networking firm (NY)

international semiconductor manufacturer (NY)

landscape architecture firm (NY)

legal firm (NY)

merchant services firm (TX)

international point-of-purchase alliance

nationally advertised heavy equipment manufacturer (CT)

nationally recognized voice-over talent (NJ)

not-for-profit volunteer organizations (CT, NY)

videographers (NY)

* * *

New Clients

Greyskye has acquired 11 new clients since 01-01-18.
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