Plan the year ahead of time. Negotiate for all of the space and color all at once. Let publications know where you are considering advertising so they can fight it out.

Frequency before reach.

Your name only may become top-of-mind through numerous impressions over time, and through at least two channels of communication.
Location, location, location.

You know where and when you’ll advertise, but consider your ad space to be real estate. In order to make it really work, consider the messaging of every square millimeter.  Never compromise.
Leave the placing to us.

Ad agencies often receive a 15% pub discount on ads they insert for their clients – but they’d better work for the 15% to negotiate space, research relevant issues, manage quality, report on results, collect reprints, etc.
Demographics, psychographics.

Average household income, focus groups, touch tone surveys and more – know your audience.
Beyond the tools

Print, broadcast, direct mail, Internet and PR: intimate knowledge of the different types advertising mediums is not as important as knowing how to best exploit them.
No magic pill

Expecting direct results yields mostly disappointment. It’s about branding, so when you are hungry for a burger, you drive to ____________.