Look! A purple dog!
Made ya look. Greyskye has written, produced, directed and placed memorable print and broadcast advertising campaigns at local, regional, and national levels since 1988.

We give equal consideration to target market and budget to help determine the optimum “message-media” combination.

And, we can create knock-em-dead ads that hit the reader right between the eyes with a message that counts – appropriately – be it wild or serene, romantic or clinical.

It just so happens we are are technically proficient in the myriad of print, broadcast or online media options as well. Read below.

The various forms of advertising technical choices in which Greyskye is steeped in every day:

Print display:
Dealing with trim size, bleed size, live area and PDF settings. Negotiating publication, size, color and frequency relative to budget and outcome of response; Dealing effectively with the ad staff at any one particular outfit.

When to do search engine optimization and when to not; How to squeeze performance out of a limited ad size; Negotiating for click-thrus, etc.

Negotiating with stations relative to frequency, budget and outcome of response; Simultaneously dealing effectively with both the ad reps and directly with any given media department; Creating the right mix of radio vs. TV for maximum impact; Familiar with all the lingo, e.g. flighting, reach etc. necessary to “talk the talk”.

How to best leverage paid for vs. invited awareness; Make the proper introductions to the proper PR approach and solution. Recognizing that PR, like branding, is not always about instant response, but recognition over time. This means one has to a) have faith in the process and b) be willing to stay involved which costs time, effort and monetary expense (after all, what worthwhile does not?).