1. According to a Business Plan
Start there. ‘No surprise. Your business’ direction should be first based upon a sound business plan, including projections for growth. Your business advisors could consider the results that different levels common sense marketing could have on the bottom line through a preliminary marketing assessment.

2. According to a Marketing Plan
Nearly every sales decision is ultimately an emotional one. A marketing plan lays out many scenarios, around different budgetary configurations – on paper and with little or no actual marketing dollars. Of course, there is always research and focus groups.

3. Now for the Branding
Maybe not! Is it the next planned step? ‘Depends on the marketing plan (see above). Nevertheless the logo is an artful representation of your business mission and core values.

4. Now for the Publicity
Don’t be scared. Branding is good and necessary to nearly every business. Successful branding “brands” a mark – a unique series of consistently delivered messages in the minds of audiences that says “I am different, and perhaps worth a second look.”

Do I need to advertise or even do any marketing?
Yes you do. It may not need to be pushed to the hilt, but it may need a tune-up. Even a minor tune-up, however, may require all new stationery, etc. So what? Your uniqueness is that important!