How to cut through the clutter of all of those email marketing tips you receive?

But what if you are the ones sending them? How to get perceived as one to keep?
K.I.S. — keep it simple.

Invest in a simple backend database within your own website. Then create full stories that are linked to from your very brief email marketing message.

Keep those messages extremely simple, conceptual and nearly devoid of words.
Devoid we say? Yes!

Rather than regularly informing — intrigue, stimulate, create, delight, less-is-more, etc.

Does this work – absolutely. We know it from the “opens” we receive, i.e. when it’s “done our way”.

Does it take more work? Absolutely.

You might say “Nah – we’ll use their offered templates and fill them up with all of the info on our upcoming seminars, etc. because it’s easier, saves time, etc.

That’s what “everyone” says.

So…be different. Does it make a difference? Absolutely. We see it, know it.

Again, however, be prepared to $pend.

It takes time for us to come in, assess, brainstorm, write, design, program, tie to other campaigns, and more.

So bring us in already!