“A backwards ABC but an incredible thought simulating mantra.  David Riss of Greyskye Marketing said that to me while we were discussing a logo for our GNRx, Your IT Prescription for Success offering launch to the Healthcare community.  It really stuck with me.  How often do we conceive of an idea and then not believe it will come to fruition so we never achieve success?

I have a ton of papers with ideas I have had over the years and never did anything about.  Mostly because I had no clue how to go about it, like my idea to have a Cellular GPS Help bracelet for elderly or infirm people that works outside the house in case they fall or get “lost”.  I recently saw that someone invented it.  That person was able to conceive of the idea, believe it could happen and hopefully is achieving success selling the product.

What makes one person successful over someone else?  Why can one person take those ideas and run with it constantly creating new products and reaping the rewards like Joy Mangano of HSN Huggable Hangers fame while others cannot seem to make anything happen?   Joy saw a better way to make hangers, luggage, irons, etc. and made it happen to legendary levels.   The hangers are fantastic if you are thinking of buying them.

How are you in your business?  Do you or your staff conceive of ideas, start them but let them fall by the wayside?  Do you go to conferences, meetings or  take business improvement classes then go back to the office with all these great ideas and the office says, well we’ll wait a few weeks and if the boss is still hot on it we will do something about it?  He/She will probably forget about it so we can just let it go nowhere?  I can tell you that I hear that all too often from peers.

As business leaders we need to follow through on our ideas and let staff know that we are committed to something for more than a week or a month.  Some ideas may take a year or more to go from development to sellable or to become SOP versus a pain in the process.  Michael Gerber, of E-Myth fame (www.e-myth.com) has a Dreaming Room in his office where staff and management can go and think outside the box.  The best ideas are then culled and allowed to germinate and grow.

This does not mean you should keep spending good money on bad ideas but it does mean commit, show commitment and follow-through on that commitment.  One of those ideas that you let slip away could be the highest business achievement you could ever achieve.

What do you think?  Are you ready to Conceive, Believe and Achieve?”

— L.Stewart., SL Powers