It is possible, you know.
Not that any fatalities are ever involved (at least we hope!).
(Too many slides, reading from slides, canned backgrounds and transitions…)


Virtual Boarding PassWebinars are a great way of explaining your business operations, mechanical how-to’s, or even just an idea, to a very large audience — without a long flight with no on-board meals.
Webinars are happening 24/7, as long as there are messages to get out there to employees, prospects, affiliates, readership and the like.

A webinar can be one-dimensional — inviting attendees to log in to a secure area to view a self-running presentation that automatically ends.

A two-dimensional webinar may solicit responses, interactive involvement, etc. from attendees, at its conclusion in the form of a survey, for example.

A full-featured webinar may encourage live audio responses, note taking by a moderator, data streaming, and more.

Know that webinars can be created directly in PowerPoint and even run through by utilizing portal moderator software such as GoToMeeting.  There are more sophisticated methods, however, it comes down to presenting a variety of screens/slides with clearly defined content, and an engaging voice over or moderator, at the least.

Depending upon your needs or requirements, the right type of webinar can inspire attendees to learn more, even be more accountable for actions in the workplace, out in the field, etc.

Now onto Powerpoint.  Similar to Webinars, Powerpoint presentations can be self-running or manually driven screens that engage, enthrall, educate and inspire.  It all comes down to their content, cadence and the presenter. You are certainly free to utilize the myriad of screen design templates/graphic themes offered by the software application, or you can go custom.

Custom PowerPoints often make a bigger point…better, because they can be tailored specifically to a brand, company’s corporate culture, poignant copy — without any design and flow constraints.  Furthermore, the better the flow of content, especially with a design team behind its construction, the more of a memorable impact the presentation is likely to have on the audience.