The art of designing packaging has been around for millennia, well, at least a while. There’s lots to consider here. In fact, even the most modest soap box can involve dozens of individuals throughout its development.

The branding, the artful squeezing in of the text, or typography, exploration of inks, foils, and printing processes such as diecutting, paper selection, scoring, flexography, and so much more.

And the other side of the coin:
Reaching the consumer, competitive shelving, look and feel, distribution, advertising, promotions, etc.

Now you get a sense of what goes into one piece of cardboard containing a soap product. Now imagine bathroom spray.  Six scents, four sizes, 22 languages for all, and changing every three to five years. All those SKUs competing for attention means a big mission, that’s ongoing. Multiply that by all the products on your store shelves… exponential.