Direct Mail

What’s with all of that stuff you receive in the mail?
Trees and lots of them. Bountiful harvests from America’s forests making their way to America’s heartland – your mailbox. Do you read through the coupons and post cards? Even if you consider it a necessary habit to toss them all into the trash without further consideration, consider this: you probably glanced at a logo – maybe a headline as well. Sure, they want you to read and directly respond, but if not, what has happened here?

Answer: Branding.
You have been exposed to their logo, and they can do it as often as they please! 45 cents, times 100,000 pieces, times three mailings is pretty good reach, considering some people will directly respond. Now for the fun part: getting people to respond. Exact messaging, design, offerings, and the right audience are key, not to mention the costing variables. Oh, and the all-important follow through, e.g. “did you receive our mailing?”

Are you reading?