What’s better than a beautiful Memorial Day in the quaint town of Wiltion, CT? Answer: a beautiful Memorial Day in the quaint town of Wilton, CT… with free pizza!

In lieu of Wilton’s annual beloved Memorial Day parade, the town sponsored a “day at the park”. Merwin Meadows Park, at the end of Lovers Lane, Wilton, was open to the general public this Memorial Day, 2021. There are walking trails (Norwalk River Valley Trail), swimming pond, beach and playground. The Underdogs, a Wilton-based band, performed many favorite classic rock hits, from 3pm to 6pm.

Norwalk’s own “Dave’s Planet Pizza” offered free pizza to anyone who stopped by and visited their pizza truck. Carlos Gonzales, pizza maker and mobile pizza truck operator said “we are delighted to offer our pizza on this great day, and support the town.”

We grabbed one ourselves, and its thin crust and hot and tasty fresh cheese and sauce did not leave us wanting.

Thank you Wilton for a great event, on a somewhat drier end to a (mostly) rain-soaked Memorial Day weekend!