Consider your limited time. Also consider your interest or even passion to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. 
Don’t find the time. Hire our writers.  We’ll ghost write your blog, newsletter, even PowerPoint.

Now, you may be thinking “how are they going to get our industry?”

Worry not, for we are a) good listeners, b) good researchers, and above all, c) good writers.

We have found that after making such an offer, we are turned down for the above perceived road blocks.

They are not road blocks to us — only roadways.

After a while, they often return for the primary reason — no time!
Recent ghost written content:

  • multi-paged newsletter for a very large tristate area (Northeast) medical group;
  • blog content for a local chamber of commerce;
  • e-mail content for a mid-sized aircraft parts firm;
  • web and related copy for a multi-location food company.


Consider us your ghost writers — or, at least, someone!