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We list a few resources to consider at the bottom of this article. (Pssst, they’re not ours.)

But first…

When you realize your Google Business account has been suspended, what to do?

The first things you may be thinking/asking yourself:

Getting your account reinstated may require changes you may be able to make yourself or have a third party execute, all the way to appeals, etc.

All may not be lost.

Turns out, whatever the reason, there is still a reason.

If you have an SEO manager, ask them if they handle many other Google accounts. This could be a factor.

Consider that somewhere along the line human error may have played a part, too.

Some businesses try to illegitimately work around Google’s AI.  That could affect other users.

If your profile for some reason fits certain risk indicators, your account may get flagged or suspended.

If you are fortunate enough to be working with a Google expert, you may stand a greater chance of recovery.

Here are some resources…

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