“Google Your Business”

Are You in First Place?

This may seem simple, but there are literally thousands of variables that come into play — keywords, meta tags, back links, image tagging…

Okay, you have a Gmail account and a YouTube channel… or a Google Locations account…

And you monitor them, mostly… maybe? If you do, you will appreciate this short article.

This short article is to list most (not all!) that can and should be addressed, at the least, and actively handled – to get yourself towards if not #1 on Google.

Of course, this is based upon a user entering the search terms you want to come up as #1 in the results in the first place.

To get to first position…

In the old days
In the 90s, ready for this?… If you SIMPLY had MORE instances of duplicate keywords than the next guy, you were higher on the search engine results… so easy to be #1… and we were.

At some point Google leveled the playing field and said “You can’t do that anymore, instead you can do this, then that…”

In the new days
Google says if you are in business, prove it. Regularly share with the world (your world) what’s happening, your successes, thoughts, musings, opinions, news, events, images, videos…

Google’s A.I. is smart at discerning re-posts versus 100 percent unique content, generic headlines versus award winning statements, stale versus fresh news, etc.

It takes work. Perhaps start small, but keep it HOLISTIC: address all channels all time – web, email, social, pr…

Did you catch it? Here it is another way. Develop your own beautifully written media-rich content, published on your website, emanating from there into every vetted channel possible and with great frequency and responsiveness. Then, engineer it into Google (keywords, meta tags, back links, image tagging, reviews, listing services… the list is very long).

Art and Science
On the one hand, it takes science: the thorough knowledge of the vista of all digital marketing possibilities, features and tools, and the intuitive skills to manage and operate them. On the other, the many decades of talent needed to cut through the clutter with messaging that is as creative and engaging as possible, as often as possible.

We can help you figure this out.