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What’s the most important logo?
This one (seal image):

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, or “USPTO” is the home to nearly every
registered U.S. trademark and patent. As you may already imagine, ideas are only as good as they are vetted… and protected. And not necessarily in that order. After all, your brand is YOURS, isn’t it? So why not own it?

For starters, perform an initial search at, using specifically their
“TESS” search tool. Domain names only go so far. If you have a website domain name, you may be violating the law if you use it. For example if your name is Mike Rowe and you have and use the domain name “”… VIOLATION! due to…”Likelihood of Confusion” Why? Because the company of a similar name owns their name, and since it’s a “famous mark” any – we mean any – likelihood of confusion is prohibited.

Our own name as an example…The name “Greyskye” IS a registered name (R), but not famous. Therefore a Greyskye bakery can locate next door and we can’t do anything about it since we did not acquire the SIC code (industry code) in that category. Only our (2) categories are protected. What’s in a name?
A word mark like “best pizza” will likely not pass since it’s fully descriptive. What about “Qwerty” as a name for a pizza place? What about registering a trademark of “Best Pizza” as a unique logo?

Answer? It depends upon if your name is accepted, period. Since you have to start somewhere, start with “TESS”. After that, you could hire an “I.P.” – or “intellectual property” attorney. (We have.) You could self-register (which we do not recommend, although we’ve done that, too). If successful… Congratulations. Now get ready to spend time and money promoting and maintaining your brand.