Client story:

A convincing postal mailed solicitation in a mailbox.

“…your domain name needs registration!”

Logged on to the site indicated on the printed sheet, and registered domain name.

Mission accomplished, effectively switching domain name hosting providers, at a greater cost.

It never occurred that they switched providers until they ran into a problem and until they logged into their existing domain name provider months down the road and the domain name was not there.

Where did it go? Do a search. Found out it’s hosted elsewhere. Then search for the true host. The recover login credentials. Eventually switched out and back.


In other words:

  • Respond to domain name registration solicitations in the mail at your own risk.

  • Make sure your domain name is “locked”. Log into your account at your domain name provider to verify.

  • Enable “2FA” in your logins.

  • Keep passwords complicated – use a password encryption tool such as SplashID.

  • Lock your domain name(s).

  • Encrypt your operating systems.

  • Use a firewall.

  • Create system with live and/or easy & fast recovery.

  • Perform reliable and redundant data backups.

  • Backup your email.

  • Backup your sites.

Don’t say we didn’t inform you.