Promoting products, events, people, places, businesses. 
We’ve done it all — online and off — for many years.

An art director may be your first point of meaningful contact.

Engage them.  Be prepared with your questions. Naturally we may not have all the answers right away. It depends. Depends on your goals, objectives — the whens, wheres, whys, etc.

We have helped to promote a variety of businesses and business ventures online such as:

  • Filling up rooms for events
  • Pre-sales sweepstakes
  • Online auctions
  • Special offers when a survey is completed online

and much more.

Is it a pen with a logo? A special survey? A timed offer? A taste test? You tell us.
We’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands – Lysol, Intuit, Lincoln-Mercury, etc.

Just like the old days, it still takes vision, understanding, then strategy, outlining, writing, concepting, developing, deploying and connecting — connecting the promotion to related links, offers, and the like.

Not sure where to begin? Just ask us. We are here lend a hand, or take on the entire project(s).