For paper-based marketing, or any marketing for that matter, go forth expeditiously, but forgo all conventions.

There is paper productivity all around us. Everywhere you look, you see paper, correct? Postal mail, magazines, and more, uh…all around your office?  Next to TV, the strongest form of advertising today: print. Even as digital advertising is breaking new boundaries and testing its limits, when it comes to marketing any business, paper is your ally.

But you have to use it…differently.

Printed collateral material of the most clever kind can stir the soul.

Words can move millions (look at social media). So, regarding virtually any printed marketing surface, consider every pixel…millimeter.
It’s not just the words. It’s also about when to do less-is-more, or more-is-more, the psychology of it all – the “BIG SELL”, laws of attraction, perception, intrigue, delight, etc.  Be as creative as possible with the entire project (use unique URLs, etc.).  At least, go through that exercise.  Don’t confuse your audience in the process, but reconsider “must my logo be dark blue because I run a bank”?
Can a printed newsletter delight?  To find out, all it takes is the right message, triggers, costs — and an educated guess for the best response. Whew.

Setting the bar high could get you closer than you think.  Trial and error must be in your expectations wheelhouse, as you drive toward the most successful campaign…ever.  Naturally, avoid spending a king’s ransom, unless deemed necessary.

Anything and everything you show the world need only convey the essence and the energy of the company.  Don’t think features and benefits, think why the reader needs to pay attention to you.