The content, structure, size, folding and presentation of your collateral material – brochures, sell sheets, pocket folders, FSIs – all depend upon which messages you wish to convey, how you wish to convey them, and to what extent.

Use your agency to help you best determine the kinds of printed – or electronic – collateral material your company may need.

Special die-cuts, folding techniques, paper stock, imagery – and overall message – contribute to “just the right” piece. Next come the proper solution to reach out with this information. Allow your agency to unfold and deliver your next collateral project.

Despite the web, printed material could still be considered the penultimate form of communication.

After all they are wireless handhelds. Plus they can function as beacons of concrete ideas and thought.

Imagine visiting a trade show and finding absolutely no printed material to bring back with you. We know you toss most of them, but not all of them. Right?

We ourselves scan and then shred much of the printed material we collect, but we still keep a lot because they communicate ideas differently than interactive screens.

Many said the newspaper industry would die a slow death. That was ten years ago, and while printed newspapers are having to re-tool their business, they are still embraced by millions. (Who really wants to read an online newspaper and be forced to view banner ads?)

When a printed page is deemed necessary, always seize the opportunity to make a difference in the landscape that is the printed page, from the brochure, to the media kit, to the F.S.I., to the certificate, to the very way it all gets printed and distributed.