Years Developing Grandfathered Brands

In the case of COMBE, we were brought in to review sketches, designing, and full high-res rendering of actual pre-press digital files for most SKUs for:

Odor Eaters, Cepacol, Grecian Formula, Lady Grecian 5, Brylcreem, Benzal and Vagisil


As beta testers of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop prior to release (’87),

as designers responsible for converting hundreds upon hundreds of household brand SKUs’ traditional ruling pen-rendered mechanical boards into fully digital art files including complete design overhauls (89-’93),

as production teams responsible for solving industrial production issues of household brands (think traditional die vinyls, rubyliths, stripping, neon inks and press proofing),

as community college professors of accredited courses on this subject,

nobody can touch us.