Rockwell Art and Framing

Rockwell Art and Framing carries on the Rockwell tradition of family. Yes, the founders are related to the famed Americana painter Norman Rockwell. How poignant… to create messaging on the “art of framing” as it relates to a multi-location retail business. How to continue to differentiate… in a world of “quick frame shops”?

Rockwell has always been giving back to the community. Now, with our “framing hunger” ongoing campaign, they can give back even more. Our concept, now a reality, gives back $1 of every custom frame purchase to Feeding America®, ultimately providing up to and over 100,000 meals.

Brand Development

Adjustments, over time

We examined the Rockwell brand identity and improved it with subtle typography treatments. We also worked on strengthening their mission statement at:

Web Development

Shift towards conversion

Redeveloping the Rockwell website yielded greater acceptance, increased page views and back links, and more customers.


Ideas that work

Not just our “Framing Hunger” campaign. Others as well. We develop ideas and stories through a collaborative approach that not only reach the reader more. They also drive more sales.


“Art of Framing”

Essentially we found no previous well-marketed similar approach. So we grabbed it and ran. Guess what? Customers and community liked it, and so did the framing industry.

Email marketing

Expanding reach

We simply improved upon what Rockwell was doing already. Well, not so simple. From better list management to more clever follow-ups. Oh, and the continued focus on creative messages without any sales hype.

Printed Collateral

Direct mail, etc.

Use of paper to garner more interest and customers required some fresh ideas in messaging, design, follow up and the all-important conversion.