With the advent of the “Oculus Rift”, virtual reality has now taken a front seat to our real world. No more are we encumbered by the issues of processing power, latency, field of view, depth, and cost.

The Oculus Rift, born from a Kickstarter project and now receiving tens of millions of dollars in funding, makes virtual reality a reality in the hands of anyone who wants to can get their hands on one.

That said, it’s not publicly available, but can be acquired/purchased as a developer model (for testing purposes only!). That said, we’ve got our hands on one, and are mesmerized to say the least.

News Flash: As of 3-3-14, one component supplier for the Oculus Rift is not supplying. So, for the time being, there are NO more Oculus Rifts available.

The 3-D worlds we enter are hauntingly “real” – and truly haunting in some cases (beware of jump scares). When we spend enough time there, and remove our Oculus goggles, our terra firma seems strangely kinda…flat.

There are a dizzying amount of possibilities with this technology (pun intended), and as the Rift improves, these possibilities will come to light exponentially. More than just riding a virtual roller coaster, well, use your imagination…
We are probably one of the very few in our state (CT) to have one, and we feel privileged. Okay. Excuse us while we go back into the “Rift”…

By the way, guess who won CES 2014’s “Best of CES”?