There’s little question that most of us have accounts online, and usernames and passwords we have to remember. Many of us likely need to gain access to the secure websites at least once every day. A considerable amount of us need access to many websites throughout any given day, sometimes seven days a week. Many of us have hundreds of websites we utilize, research on, shop with, etc., throughout any given year.

That’s a lot of passwords.

Don’t remember any. In fact, security experts suggest they be random, and changed often. Think you can remember all those?

It’s simple. Acquire/purchase a trustworthy software application that runs on your desktop and mobile devices, seamlessly synchronizing, 24/7.

At least one of these programs can be accessed by drawing a pattern. You can do a screen capture of that pattern, print it, and hide it in your wallet, and somewhere at your home or office.

So even if your computer has its keystrokes secretly being monitored, this method will counteract most attempts. We say most because nothing is 100% secure.

However, we find it curious, no, scary, that anyone, or any business, would manage their privacy and records any less than this way.

We recommend Splash ID desktop, for its simplicity, synchronization, online support, tenure, reliability and features. Enough said? We hope this article is a tipping point for those, well, you know who you are.

P.S. You actually WILL have to remember one password, i.e. to access your Splash ID account.