Search engine optimization (SEO) – big phrase, big task.

Everybody wants to be listed first, or at the very least on the first page. How to? Answer: research, research, research. The first half of the equation is determining how people search, how often, even determine if SEO is appropriate to begin with.

Sure, analyze keywords, key phrases etc. but also analyze the readers’ expectations, and fulfill them. So when they perform research, any of your time, moeny and effort you put in results in an increase of eyeballs…on you.

“Tenure” is a big phrase, too. Is your website brand-new? If so, get ready for a long ride, for sure. Build this time in so your expectations are realistically achieved. Websites that have been out there for years engaging in even just a moderate amount of SEO, stand a better chance of achieving getting found sooner.

The second half of the equation is “conversion” — new customers, increased visits, increased market share, increased growth. Don’t forget to regularly brainstorm.

Depending upon your particular industry e.g. plastic surgery, you may be faced with a greater or lesser challenge.  It may also be more feaesble to focus on local results first, regional and national results later.

If e-commerce is in place, focus on increasing your customer base.

There are other “halves” to the equation. Once SEO is underway, give it time, and lots of attention — perhaps more than you think. Believe in its power and understand its limitations, if you find any.