Business Tips from the “Grey” side

Compiled by David Riss, Creative Director of Greyskye LLC

  1. So What’s So Good About That?
    Ask this question about your business’ or another business’ products, services, features and benefits. Then keep asking that question to drill down to the most salient points.
  2. Totally FREE to very inexpensive phone calls with a $20 headset and Skype(.com), and so many more cool features.
  3. Add Quotes (“) before and after a Google search for a keyword on the “net” to streamline your searching.
  4. Register your website for FREE on both Google and Yahoo! Just search for the “business solutions” (or similar) link at the bottom of each of their respective home pages.
  5. Amazingly competitive host of web hosting services through
  6. Buy a $350 Xerox DocuMate 510 scanner to shrink 99% of your office paperwork to the size of your thumb.
  7. Backup your office’s digital files with – starting at $10 per month
  8. Offload the paperwork: Managing your QuickBooks or similar computer checking software account by using a professional third-party service such as Egan Tax & Books in NYC can be convenient and critical.
  9. Protect your new ideas with a trademark and/or patent attorney. Research them carefully but one recommendation is Gonzales & Oberlander (NY, NY)
  10. Direct mail suggestion not for the faint-at-heart – Mail out only about 1,000 at a time, spaced every several weeks. It will give your telemarketing (department) TIME, in between, to PROPERLY follow up, instead of blasting everyone and not being able to effectively track your follow-up.
  11. Consider switching your browser to Mozilla’s Firefox® (if you have not already) as it is probably far less susceptible to hacker and spyware “intrusion”.  In fact, Netscape’s founder uses Firefox as its browser.  Go to