Social Media is your next step to greater awareness – believe it, or not.

It’s a daunting task for businesses of all size. Small businesses usually do not have the time to post daily to their Facebook page, let alone Twitter, YouTube, their blog, etc. Large businesses have the time but are often over concerned about monitoring and responding to every single post.

It IS a balancing act of sorts, but are not all phases of business (and business marketing)?

So what to do? Find someone who can handle it for you. A BIG thing to remember is social media is SOCIAL, so don’t feel that you have to spin off company news every day. It’s about being GENERICALLY RELEVANT.

So what if Johnny Depp is featured on a large accounting corporation’s Facebook page. If he is promoting a film about accounting, it works. OK, so, well, you want that post removed before a board conference. No problem. Take it down, leave it down, or put it up again later.

Your readers will “Like” your page, follow you, etc., if what you post regularly captures their interest – whatever those interests may be – again – as long as they are generically relevant.

One post per day on Facebook, 1 post per day on Google Plus, 1-2 posts per day on Twitter… etc. You get the picture, and so does Google. Consistent posting – reader engagement – is loved by Google. Your social media efforts will likely be rewarded with greater customer appreciation, increased good feelings, and greater awareness online and off.