Achieve Trade Name Registration Status.
If your company name, tagline, services, etc. is fast becoming recognized for which it stands,  trademark that name.
It will take a while, but with proper legal channels, the time will come when you will claim registration with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

You may have amazing ideas, but unless they are not legally protected, disillusionment may be the only likely result. Simply placing a “TM” next to a product name or service is not nearly enough, especially if no appropriate trademarking action is taken…meaningless. There are many cases when lack of the above has resulted in costly litigation, forfeiture, and business closings. Therefore, a “TM” should not be placed lightly. Hire a qualified professional, i.e. not necessarily your “trusts and estates” attorney. They’ll know when and how to give proper attention to your mark, now and in the future. Note: using a registered mark (R) without an actual registration in place is a violation.

As luck would have it, there happens to be one particular firm we often consider and recommend for trademark and patent searches. Call us and we may be able to help you get a jump on this potentially critical process.