One of your power words should be “THWART.” Thwart any and all attempts from others to hack, intercept, steal, misdirect, redirect, etc. your money, assets, identity, security, future, futures, time, etc.

Remain extremely alert to attempts for unscrupulous third parties’ attempts to gain access to your bank accounts, Amazon accounts and the like. Again, remain vigilant. Never relent in informing the authorities as to these obvious — even seemingly obvious — attempts.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, ask around, you may find others have received attempts to “Phish”, that is, others “fishing” for any access to sensitive information such as account names, usernames, passwords, pin numbers, etc. through seemingly valid, often urgent, email messages from shopping sites, etc.

All crimies will agree: “power to the phishers!” (unless, of course, it happens to them, which of course it must).

As a rule of thumb: ANY email you receive indicating some sort of potential breach into any of your online accounts, do not click on the link, or reply. Simply forward the offending message to the appropriate Abuse Dept. e.g. at Amazon. At the very least ignore all related emails or simply pick up the phone and inquire directly with the vendor. That way, you may have saved…so much.

Happy hunting…the phishers.