So you have a trade show coming up.
How to make the most of it?

Let ’em know… before the show.
Announce the show, your intentions, booth number, etc. If your desire is to get prospects to the booth, perhaps the show offers contact lists of attendees. Consider acquiring it to send printed and/or emailed solicitations, special offers at the booth e.g. “if you print and bring this email with you”. Reach out to other show vendors, i.e. to possibly partner up on an idea. Consider a pre-show marketing campaign, because one email may not be enough. And don’t make it boring or salsey.

During the event – INvent.
Way ahead of time, brainstorm on ideas that will get you noticed, such as a brightly colored yardstick with your logo that everyone is walking around with; perhaps models standing around offering a survey to take on a tablet, “the winner of which will own that tablet”; how about a VR (virtual reality) demonstration to showcase your company and/or product/service?

After the curtain call…
Send out a thank you email – with another survey. Ask to connect on social media, sign up for your newsletter, provide a Google review, download a whitepaper, etc. The sky’s the limit. The KEY is you should consider the trade show as much more than the actual event.

Remember Rule #1: you can’t get reach without frequency.

sqad media tower

Trade show piece — Wireless charging station for SQAD