In order for one to get a trademark registered, consider…

Number one: Use a qualified attorney to do this.

Also consider answers to these questions:

What is the likelihood of confusion with any other existing name/slogan, logo (“mark”)?

What assets can you produce to prove you are using the mark, e.g. website, stationery?

How many and which categories with the mark represent, e.g. food, warehousing?

Maybe explore a bit here:


Search box: type “TESS”

Go to that area listed at the top of the search results.

Search for your mark name there. Additional steps may be available depending upon if any records are or are not found.

There is a “do-it-yourself” system with different service and pricing tiers.

There is also plenty to understand about the process.

Trademarks or service marks, once registered can then typically use the “®”. A physically printed gold-sealed certificate (6-8 mos. or more) may be issued. Even before that, once your trademark application has been successfully submitted (w/ all hurdles cleared), you may be able use a “TM” or “SM” symbol because the trademark is pending. Again, always check with a qualified professional.