Great music and dancing at Calf Pasture Beach!

The Third Taxing District FREE summer concerts have always been fun for the residents of Norwalk. For more than 25 years, TTD has held these summer concerts at Calf Pasture Beach, averaging 200-300 people per show enjoying the amazing music. Do the math!


Assistant General Manager of TTD, Ron Scofield, has been in charge of arranging
the concerts for the past 20 years. Ron says, “I look forward to planning the concerts because of the enjoyable experiences that our concert-goers have each year. This is really to give back to the East Norwalk community. Each and every concert attracts people from all over Norwalk and beyond, many of whom spend their time dancing on the grassy fi eld, right in front of the Showmobile.”


This year there will be eight Sunday concerts. Each Sunday concert starts at 5pm and is a great event for individuals and families. The mix of music for 2019 is rock, jazz, country, oldies and tribute bands. Lastly, Ron says, “For those who have not yet attended our summer concerts, we hope that you
will join us this year at Calf Pasture Beach. We look forward to seeing you there!”


Greyskye is the design firm for the Third Taxing District in East Norwalk, CT, involved in promoting the local electrical utility and the community.