Cut.  That’s a wrap.
Some local “cable” organizations will clearly charge you under a grand to write, shoot, edit and produce your TV spot. Beautiful, right?  Then how come the average cost to produce a national 30-second TV spot is $300,000.00?  And how come a kids’ cereal commercial can cost millions to produce?  After all, with CGI, storyboards, writers, art directors, technicians, etc., and having to room and board them all, well, you do the math.  And that doesn’t include air time.

TV, Cable & Radio
Now cut to our approach. You may certainly need a massive production, which we can handle, by the way. However, we won’t produce “cut-rate” material.  As we have for many, we will emphasize our ad agency approach, which will require at least a few thousand to produce a single spot. This is because we recognize that to stand out, there requires a bit of finesse, to a lot.  And sure, we’ve won a few awards for this stuff, but what’s more important is how we can help you achieve results from our work.  This also means we will help plan your media expenditures, right down to the last coffee roll.