Web Dev

Serious web development. That’s where we come in.

If you want creative yet technical, persuasive but logical, where can you find the right mix?

Whether it’s your first site or your next site re-tool, we know how – and have the know-how.

We ask a lot of questions. And we mean a lot. It’s how we can help make a difference.

Call us web developers, call us a marketing firm, but call us – and go as deep as you like.


Greyskye runs a complete Internet lab.

Do you want to sizzle, massage data, or both?

We can offer any technique, from the coolest Flash (which is often over or under employed), to the deepest databases – not that you’d ever want to bring them home to mama.


Here’s a basic rundown of our services:

We meet as often as possible throughout any given project, wired, wireless or face to face;

We never program first – only once all screen layouts are approved (usually as PDFs);

20080203203413_8_mainWe include training in our project fee(s);

We include numerous back-and-forths;

We include hosting recommendations and dealings;

We include maintenance for at least 30 days; sometimes for years;

We inform of any changes that may/will require additional charges well before such charges are incurred;

We generally do not recommend Microsoft® database applications (unless required);

We program in may languages including html, java, cgi, mysql, php, and others.