not if…when…

This is the TIP OF THE YEAR so take heed:
Everything is about cyber security.
Q: Why do my apps keep updating?
My website, too?
The main reason you need to keep your WordPress platform, theme(s) and plugins up-to-date: so you website remains live and un-hacked.
If you do not, you might as well hang up a welcome sign. Your website will essentially open its doors to hackers, Malware, even mining bitcoin.
These updates occur DAILY, so hire someone to maintain your website. It doesn’t matter who does it, but it must be done.
Example: yesterday we had 9 elements on 32 websites to update. That’s an average 270 updates per month. By the time you read this email, we’ll have another round. And while we offer a service dedicated to these updates, we also perform a Malware scan, and, if clear, back up the client’s website into Dropbox.