When you have a story to tell and don’t know how to get it on the desk of the editor.

PR stands for Public Relations. That is, we bridge the gap between the news/stories you need to disseminate with the editors who are hungry for substantial news. It’s about improving the relationship your company has with the public at large – or your own business or trade community — and their perception of you.

We run a team of PR experts covering a wide variety of niches — technology, food, banking, insurance, legal and more.

In case you were wondering, we do have access to that 4″ binder filled with successful press releases published in news periodicals all across the country and beyond.

We can:

  • write your press release (interviews required)
  • put you submit your completed press release(s) to the appropriate/desired periodical(s), directly touch with the editor in some instances
  • track or help you track placements, reads, etc.
  • send your press release to many online versions of printed periodicals, as needed such as Google, NY Newsday, etc.
  • regularly e.g. monthly act as your virtual PR department, pushing you for late breaking news, and help to get it out there on a regular basis