Before digital… what’s that? Prehistoric? No, just historic. That’s big enough.

You may ask “where does Photoshop come from?” It comes from people… those who worked in the design industry and, along with the advent of visual feedback on one’s designs – computer screens! – and sought a way out of razor blades, wax, glue, photo chemicals, t-squares and triangles, magic markers… the list goes (way!) on.

So many cool tools now. Too many? Maybe. Too few?

The design process has lost many processes – based upon analog development: sketching, comping… thinking?

Of course we all think, but in design, perhaps less in these digital times. The computer does it for us, right? So many tools and functions from which to choose. Actually, in design there is no “choose. Unlocking great design requires total freedom of thought, and is a key factor in achieving great results for the client – which is also key.

Consider those that grew up in the design industry doing paste-ups and mechanicals – understand that much of that process in development mattered and still matters today… IF one can be taught to break free of the extreme narrow world of Photoshop filters and effects.

For us, EVERYTHING begins with a sketch — or it ain’t design.