What comes first – the picture or the word?
Prehistoric man may have learned to draw on cave walls, but business communicates primarily with the written or spoken word.

Our writing department consists of establishing proper lines of communication, general comfort level, engaging in the richly satisfying process of research and interviews, striving to arrive at exactly the right concepts and directions, helping to optimize the balance between creative and technical ideas, forging the best possible flow, writing content that makes sense on all levels, communicating effectively during every single phase, and cross-pollinating our other departments to help ensure success.

Greyskye has been executing all kinds of writing for all kinds of industries, from mom-and-pop to Fortune 500s – and it always comes down to achieving a successful pairing of the the right creative team with the particular project at hand.

– Technical (engineering, I.T., etc.)
– AMA-style (American Medical Association)
– Advertising Concept
– PR and Non-Profit
– Direct Mail Solicitation
– Form Simplification

And that’s where it begins. We’ll help you out of “the block”, without cramping your style.

How writing can be most effective:
20080203000943_7_mainOne must remain highly in-tune to market trends, fashion trends and even voting trends; One should remain very involved in the arts to be able to tap into the creative mindset at any time, 24/7; Sure, transcribing notes recorded from a meeting is key; so is propper profreading. But what about thinking outside the cube?

When is humor appropriate? When it is inappropriate? Memorable is good, even weird can be good. And while the pedantic is often necessary, please, please stay away from trite.

The pen is mightier than the pixel.
Many pixels can move a website, many frames a movie, but a few words can move millions. That is why take writing so seriously. How to describe “luscious”, or “dedication”, or “technologically savvy” in the right manner to the right audience can take and fair amount of time and research, but it depends.

In other words, usually proving our “net worth” after we are hired.

Put Greyskye to the challenge.